All pets shed although some pets shed more than others.  Shedding is a very normal process and part of the life cycle of each hair shaft.

There are several things that influence shedding including: your pet’s overall health, heredity, temperature & the amount of sunlight.  Indoor pets experience more shedding & more frequent shedding to do the consistent temperature. This frequent shedding can become a problem for your the pet owner.

What’s the Solution?

While daily brushing does help it also causes a mess.  Here at The Groomery in Waxhaw, NC we offer a professional de-shedding service.  The de-shedding process begins with a professional brushing to remove excess hair.  This is followed by a special de-shedding and conditioner application.  This helps to loosen the undercoat.

We follow up with a high velocity drying and the use of specialized tools to complete the de-shedding process.

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Just like any other grooming service de-shedding will need to be maintained for best results.  Depending on the severity of the shedding for your dog we will inform you of our recommendations for the best results.

Not sure if your dog needs a de-shedding treatment?  Leave it up to your experts here at The Groomery in Waxhaw, NC.  We are happy to assess your dog at his/her next grooming appointment.